Embracing The Power of Programmatic

By Todd Moskowitz

A common question our team receives is “what exactly is programmatic advertising?” Programmatic advertising is a form of advanced advertising technology that allows an advertiser to hone-in on a specific audience. The advertiser’s budget is managed to compete in a real time bidding environment, to reach the right consumer in the right moment based. Marketing professionals are reporting estimates that global programmatic ad spend in 2020 will amount to $98 billion, 68% of the global digital media ad spend. And good news, it’s available to any type of business that wants to efficiently target their market in a captivating and efficient fashion. Programmatic deliverables could exist in various forms, including display, video, and more.

Many clients, businesses of all sizes, lean on us to run programmatic advertising solutions for their business. We start by gathering key information about the business, and then build out a customized campaign. For example, if you owned a restaurant, here are some key data points we would collect from you.

  • Demographics that you want to target: Maybe you would focus on targeting parents

with young children (in the event you wanted to drive more attention to your family- friendly restaurant) with specific household incomes.

  • We consider behaviors, types of content your target is consuming entertainment, parenting etc.
  • Geography: We would probably choose the zip codes surrounding your restaurant that were most poised to pull customers in.
  • Location: Lifestyle locations that are relevant, competitors to grocery stores.

We would then work with you to outline a campaign, outlining the targeting and geographical parameters, which match all you shared with us.

Identifying your unique selling proposition: Once we obtain this information, we would then work with you to build a creative message that would effectively persuade your target customer to come in and experience what you have to offer. This is one of the most important aspects of the campaign. Helping customers understand what makes your business unique is key for a successful campaign.

Measuring success: While every campaign has its own KPI (Key Performance Indicator), the prevailing goal of a programmatic campaign is to increase your brand and slide your business into the consumer’s consideration set. This way when they are in the market, they will likely think of you first.

Given the targeting capabilities that programmatic advertising offers, we highly encourage you to consider using it to promote your business. If you would like to learn more, or have questions, please reach out.

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