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"We are dedicated to making sure that they get their money’s worth, and that we help their businesses thrive."– Jeff Warshaw
“We are dedicated to making sure that they get their money’s worth, and that we help their businesses thrive.”
– Jeff Warshaw

Jeffrey D. Warshaw

Founder and CEO, Jeff Warshaw is a lifelong broadcaster. He built his first station while still a student at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1993 Jeff founded Connoisseur Communications Partners LP, a 39 station group which he later sold to Cumulus Broadcasting in 2000 for $258MM.
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Michael O. Driscoll

Co-founder of the company, Mike Driscoll has worked with Jeff Warshaw since 1996. Mike is an investor in the company, and has acted as EVP/CFO until stepping down in December of 2021.  Mike continues to be a part of the company.
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David P. Bevins

COO of the company, David Bevins worked with Jeff Warshaw from 1993-2000 as General Manager with Connoisseur Communications Partners LP and reunited with him when he joined Connoisseur Media in 2006. David is responsible for each market, working with the general managers on a daily basis.
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Kristin L. Okesson

SVP of the company, joined Connoisseur Media in 2013. Kristin Okesson is responsible for managing Connoisseur’s entire Connecticut operations which cover the New Haven, CT and Metro Fairfield County, CT Nielsen markets.
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Oliver G. Price

SVP/CFO of the company, Olly Price joined Connoisseur Media in 2012. Olly is responsible for the Finance and Accounting functions as well as providing operational and management oversight and support across the organization.
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Keith Dakin

Vice President of Programming. Keith Dakin has been with Connoisseur Media since 2013 and is responsible for overseeing all the music, talk and news programming throughout Connoisseur’s portfolio.
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