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Speak To Millions
Speak To Millions

Custom Marketing Plans

Connoisseur Media has extensive reach in local markets and through our integrated digital platforms. Tell us about your marketing goals, and one of our experts will help you develop a plan for your business.

If you are ready to take control of your marketing, then connect with us.

On Air
On Air

Whether it’s singing along with your favorite song, laughing to a DJ, hearing critical information during a storm, getting breaking news, or learning about significant events in the community—Radio wins.  Consumers trust and rely on their favorite radio stations and personalities to get them what they need when they need it.


Radio Has Reach

One of radio’s best attributes is its ability to reach a lot of people! *92% of Adults 18+ listen to radio each week making it American’s #1 reach medium.

Radio Is Accessible

Find your favorite radio station whether you’re in the car driving, streaming in the office on our websites, apps or Alexa.

Radio Is Accessible

Radio Is Free

Radio is FREE for everyone to listen to equally. There are no subscriptions or other barriers, which is why the average person listens to 12.3 hours of radio each week

Significant reach, accessibility, and zero cost for the listener are three great reasons to choose Radio for any advertising campaign. With many different formats, Radio offers the ability to speak to people that match the given demographic in a specific geographic area with little to no waste.

Radio connects. Most people listen to a few radio stations and are very loyal to them.  Ask someone what their favorite radio station is, and they will have an immediate answer.  Because of this passion, Radio works!  No other medium allows the community to connect one on one like a radio brand and their personalities. Radio can make your business the “talk of the town.”  Local personalities mirror what the community is talking about, and that is what cuts through.

Want to make something happen fast as a commercial copy change to direct listeners somewhere NOW?  Radio is flexible and offers the ability to talk to people closest to the point of purchase with commercial messages that can be created for little to no additional cost.  When you factor in the reach, deep connection with listeners, commercial creation and production, flexibility, and accessibility—Radio is one of the most cost-efficient & effective advertising choices.  Why do people advertise on the Radio?  Because it works.

*Nielsen Total Audience Report February 2020
† RADAR 145, June 2020 (C) Nielsen Audio, M-Su 24-Hour Cume Est. P12+


Get Fierce About Your Investment And Your Results

We help you identify your real opportunities for growth and provide relevant solutions. Following a forensic review of your digital footprint and discovery session, we will provide a custom-tailored plan designed to outrun the competition.

Our websites and campaigns are crafted by our team of experts who understand your investment must contribute to maximizing your digital footprint and work tirelessly to deliver strong ROI.

Business people working late night

Integrated Digital Solutions

If you’re ready for serious business growth, then we will pair you with one of our fierce digital solutions. Our digital agency was built to serve businesses that are looking to expand. We offer a complete lineup, including digital advertising, search engine dominance, social media marketing, website development, and more.

Online Branded Promotions

Cross-promotion across our owned and operated assets extends your reach and frequency. You can participate in online promotions or have your event cross-promoted on our Social Media channels.

Connect With Our Audience

In Person. Personal.
In Person. Personal.

We are proud of the deep connection we have with each market we serve. Our stations are involved in some of the largest community events around. We actively promote or outright organize events almost every day! We can get your business involved in highly publicized local events.

  • Remote Broadcasts
  • Personality Appearances
  • Participation In Charitable Events

Community Involvement

Radio has been serving local communities for close to 100 years. Our team lives in the communities we do, and it’s important to us that we give back. We can associate your business with local, custom-curated events, community events, non-profit galas, sponsorships and more.

Get Involved

Personality Endorsements

According to research, listeners equate an on-air personality endorsement to a friend’s recommendation, more so than they do sponsor Facebook posts, sponsored Tweets, or television commercials. We offer endorsements on most of our stations.

Get Endorsed


Podcasts are great tools that position you as an expert. Podcasts can communicate news about your business and provide high credibility with long-form on-demand programming. Our highly skilled producers can assist you with crafting and producing your podcast strategy.