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Location Based Advertising for Your Restaurant

By Erica Chludzinski

Location Based Advertising, LBA, is utilized when an advertiser targets an audience based on the audience’s location. GeoFencing, a form of LBA, is utilized when specific locations, like restaurants or shopping malls, are chosen and visitors to those locations are served ads on their...

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The Benefits of Using Google Analytics

By Doug Gunsolley

Every business that has a website would like to know how their website performs. Questions like “How much traffic does my site get?” or “How are visitors finding my website?” can be very important to let business owners plan and strategize for online performance. Google Analytics...

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Compelling Online Video Leads to Better Branding

by Joe Brown

How is it that certain movies are so widely revered that you can quote a line, such as “May the Force be with you,” and 9 out of 10 people will know you’re talking about Star Wars? The answer is simple: compelling video.

Insta Success – Best Practices for Instagram

By Jackie Magnusson

Instagram is a massively popular Social Media platform with one billion active monthly users, making it one of the most popular platforms in the world. Given Instagram’s popularity, it is no wonder why advertisers are looking to capitalize on the opportunity to place...

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The New Marketing Funnel Isn’t a Funnel at All

By Erica Chludzinski

For years, marketers and advertisers alike have referred to the marketing funnel to predict the actions of their consumers. And for years, the marketing funnel was a great tool. But in a world of new technology and increased consumer options, the old marketing funnel...

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2019: Rev Up Your Customer Service Engine

By Robin Faller

Consumers research most purchases, from buying hard goods to scheduling services for their home to making medical appointments. Google reports there are over 1,000,000,000 more searches online than five years ago. Additionally, 90% of customers will pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. What...

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2019? Ready, Set, Market!

By Todd Moskowitz

Is your digital presence ready for 2019?  While many others in the Digital space bombard businesses with products, far fewer provide true digital solutions. We prefer thoughtful recommendations, which are 100% tied to your marketing and business goals. While we have a...

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Integrating Radio and Digital

By Sharon LaGaipa

What we hear makes what we see more impactful … and what we see makes what we hear more impactful. Radio and digital media activate different primary senses but work very well in concert to make an impact. Fully-integrated marketing solutions help build brands and...

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Storyboarding and You: HTML 5 Banners

By Ty Anschutz First off, let’s explain what an HTML5 banner is: HTML5 is the code or language used to animate pieces of a banners or the entire banner. This includes words moving across the banner ad or fading of images. You may also hear this referred to as a “responsive design.”  The benefits...
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What It Means to Be a Connoisseur

By Erica Chludzinski Just this past September, I accepted the position as Connoisseur Digital’s Digital Operations Assistant and proudly became Connoisseur Digital’s newest ‘Connoisseur.’ A Connoisseur, as described by the Webster dictionary, is “one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and is competent to act as a critical judge.”...
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