Why Polished & Professional Social Content is Key to Your Business’s Online Success

By Emily Kane

Can you remember the days when you weren’t grabbing for your phone, opening your Social Media apps, and scrolling didn’t feel like a magnetic force? In fact, 59% of people check at least one Social Media platform a day, with over a third of those people checking them over five times a day. Social Media has become the fast, budget-friendly marketing that businesses need to succeed in today’s market. According to Buffer, 73% of marketers have found effectiveness and growth in their business from Social Media Marketing.

As the do’s and don’ts of business Social Media etiquette evolves and changes, two key factors remain in maintaining online success: polished and professional content. The separation of business and personal Social Media accounts is imperative in having a successful online business presence. Social Media Marketing is a tool for businesses to find and engage their business’s target audience, not their personal, preferred target audience. Topics such as politics, gossip, or personal belief content should not cross with business social accounts. At the end of the day, isn’t the goal to continue to grow a successful business with consumers who are interested in your product or service regardless of how their beliefs differ from yours?

There are three main benefits of Social Media Marketing and content:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Develop relationships

In order to successfully utilize these benefits, a business’s social media content must align with what the consumer is engaging in on each platform. Different Social Media platforms require different styles of content. For example, 58% of consumers prefer visual content such as graphics, images, and produced video over lengthy text. However, the audience may respond differently to video content on Facebook vs. video content on LinkedIn. This is where the help of a professional Social Media Marketer can come in.

Producing effective content takes time that many businesses do not have to give on their own. Investing in a Social Media professional to create quality content that is professional, polished, and consistent will pay for itself with the success that Social Media Marketing can bring to a business. A Social Media professional understands how to produce content that caters to your specific target audience and has the time to develop content that increases engagement on only the platforms that are going to be the most helpful in your business’s online success. They understand the importance of taking the time to develop different forms of content for each utilized platform instead of posting the same across all of those being used.

How many business owners have the time to understand Social Media algorithms, research updates and changes on each social platform, or interact with customers not long after they engage in a post? The answer is very few, and that is where the Social Media Management team at Connoisseur Digital can step in to give you the time to focus on other important parts of your business! Give us a call today for more information on how we can help you help your business thrive.


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