Insta Success – Best Practices for Instagram

By Jackie Magnusson

Instagram is a massively popular Social Media platform with one billion active monthly users, making it one of the most popular platforms in the world. Given Instagram’s popularity, it is no wonder why advertisers are looking to capitalize on the opportunity to place their company in the view of so many active users. That being said, Instagram is a very visual platform so it may not be appropriate for all companies to use as an advertising platform. Here are some best practices for advertising on Instagram:

  1. Make sure you are posting original, high quality photos. Instagram is very visual and users are hungry to consume original content. Stock photos do not lend themselves well to Instagram as they look manufactured and flat, and may not represent your brand well on such a visual platform. If you are going to advertise on Instagram, make sure you are using pictures that reflect your brand.
  1. Be consistent. The way to build a following on Instagram is to be sure that you are posting regularly so that you can engage with your followers and potentially gain new followers as well. If you don’t post often enough, you can run the risk of losing engagement.
  1. Stay authentic to your brand’s message. While Instagram is a great platform to get in front of potential clients, a business should be sure that their posts are in line with that they are trying to sell or promote. A business Instagram should feature products or present content that supports the message of the brand and should not be used as an extension of a personal account. Any business account on a social media platform should be polished, on brand and should not engage in divisive subjects such as gossip and politics. What you post on a business Instagram is a reflection of the business and should always be kept professional.

Instagram can be a great platform for businesses to take advantage of to reach new consumers, but it is not a platform for everyone. In order to maximize an opportunity to advertise on a platform like Instagram,  you can always call in the professionals! Here at Connoisseur Digital, we have a Social Media Management team that can help you to establish your brand on Instagram and more!

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