Build Your Personal Brand Through Networking

By: Shayla Smith and Robin Faller


Our team of leaders and sales professionals in both our Radio and Digital businesses participate in all types of networking events. They take on leadership roles and attend a variety of events hosted by Chambers of Commerce, Business Network International, Trade Associations, and private non-affiliated groups.


Feeling intimidated?

No matter how charismatic you are, feeling intimidated is normal. Rethink why you attend networking events. Look at is as an opportunity to meet new friends, be helpful and learn something new about where and how you do business. Attend events that are interesting to you, even those that you may not think are relevant to your business. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box.


Wear something that you enjoy wearing, that makes you feel confident, and is comfortable. If it’s unique, even better to make you more memorable.


Look for friendly faces with open body language. Smile and relax and seek a casual conversation to enter. Say hello and ask open ended questions. Have an interesting fact or story about yourself to help people connect with you and remember you better.


Networking can help build brand YOU!

  1. Confidence. Get out there and meet people and see how people react to you. It can only build confidence. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.
  2. Enhances your positioning statement. Can you explain what you do in a few sentences? The more you deliver your personal positioning statement, the better it’s going to be and the more comfortable you will be saying it.
  3. Insight. Meet the right people and you will get a pulse on your local business community. Use that Network of people to help gain insights and broaden your view of your business community.
  4. Relationships. You will continue to form new friendships. Invest in getting to know people. Creating the right connections will give you and your business credibility.
  5. Referrals. You can take great satisfaction in making introductions. Connect connectors. Be the first to offer a contact or service and be a greater value to your connections.
  6. Leads. As your new colleagues get to know you and your services, they can provide valued referrals.
  7. Advice. You can be a resource to others, as they look to you for advice, your personal brand value becomes stronger.

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