What It Means to Be a Connoisseur

By Erica Chludzinski

Just this past September, I accepted the position as Connoisseur Digital’s Digital Operations Assistant and proudly became Connoisseur Digital’s newest ‘Connoisseur.’ A Connoisseur, as described by the Webster dictionary, is “one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and is competent to act as a critical over the counter birth control judge.” I quickly learned that this concept is not lost upon the professionals at Connoisseur Digital.

As a part of this community, every Connoisseur Digital professional not only understands the details, technique and principles of Digital Marketing, but is more than competent to act as a critical judge when it comes to diagnosing digital problems and brainstorming successful solutions.

Connoisseur Digital is a full-service digital media agency providing a complete suite of digital solutions to fit any business’s needs and desires. We offer website development, SEM, SEO, display advertising, social media, and more. It is important to remember that, utilized improperly, these services cannot be successful. A digital media agency needs professionals that are experts in their field; an agency needs connoisseurs.

That is what makes Connoisseur Digital different. We offer a team of professional digital consultants, our own connoisseurs, that are equipped to help you maximize your digital investment by prescribing your business customized digital solutions. Our professionals focus on getting the best results for our clients and making sure that their experience with digital media is successful and rewarding. We pride ourselves in our same-day response period in an industry where a response in 48 hours is considered to be excellent service. We want you to be satisfied with our services and your business to be thriving; we call this the Connoisseur Experience.

So what does it mean to be a Connoisseur? To us at Connoisseur Media, it means offering unparalleled customer service and providing our customers with the digital services they need to grow their business and increase their market share. http://lausddaily.net/ amoxicillin order now Jeff Warshaw, our Connoisseur Media CEO, summed it up best when he created our mission statement:

“The core values of our company…service to the community, dedication to our listeners, results for our advertisers, creating a terrific work environment, having integrity, and honest dealing in all aspects of our operations.”

Contact a Connoisseur today and experience the Connoisseur Experience for yourself! We can’t wait to help you bolster the success of your business! Call us at 888-819-2336.

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