SMB’s Growing Love For Video

By Todd Moskowitz

Video continues to be a winning advertising choice for local businesses, and the trend seems to only be getting stronger.  Industry experts forecast that overall video ad spending will increase 62% between 2019 and 2021, and Social Media video ad spending in the US will grow 44% from 2019 through 2021.

If we look at the history of time, television was where video really made its mark. However, today video is an asset that’s able to be leveraged across various platforms, ranging from Social Media, Programmatic TV, Video Pre-Roll, Location Based Advertising and more. Today, video truly offers the whole picture when it comes to messaging strength, with its combined chance for consumers to see and hear your message. Not to mention, more targetability is available than ever before. For instance, the precise ability to drill down to specific geographies, interests and demographics.


Here’s some good news for small & medium sized businesses that want to jump onto the video train:

These days SMB’s have more choices when it comes to video production. With equipment more portable, production costs have reduced, making video a more feasible option. This trend of affordability has enabled businesses that once had little access to video, to now have more access than ever before. I have seen a handful of local businesses embrace video over the last few months. Many of these clients are trying video for the very first time. Some have chosen to use video to introduce themselves to their target audience through various video outlets. Others are using video to run in lockstep with their AdWords strategy/geography, to help them build a brand inside the consumers mind, before a trigger moment occurs. Others are impressed with the newest targeting abilities that video advertising now offers. And others simply like to see themselves on the screen.


It has been fun watching clients make “discoveries” about all the great ways that video can be used. Here are some tips that we have shared with our clients, as they have stepped into video for the first time.


  • People will always buy from people. Use video to “sell yourself.”
  • Use video to build trust. Speak to the consumer as if you were having a conversation with them. Plus, it’s a great way to demonstrate your business principles.
  • You don’t need Steven Spielberg to win with video: Creativity is great, but sometimes providing simple facts that are meaningful for the consumer is all it takes to win with video.

At Connoisseur Media, we specialize in helping clients tap into the appropriate video solutions that are most fitting for their business. Clients often lean on us to assess how to best leverage their video, to ensure it’s reaching the right audiences, at the right time. If you have an interest in leveraging the power of video, or if you have a video already produced and would like to learn about some of our advanced targeting capabilities through video, please reach out, so we can help! Either way, if you are running a small business or large brand, certainly consider using video to your advantage.

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