One Song, One Us

Connoisseur Media announces an innovative campaign, “One Song, One Us”, which will be launching across all of Connoisseur Media radio stations on Monday, October 1st. The mission of this initiative, which was developed by Connoisseur Media CEO, Jeff Warshaw is to encourage unity, love, kindness, acceptance and hope in our communities through the power of music and the artist’s messages by featuring a song at 2:00pm every weekday on all stations. The song will essentially be chosen by the listener; it will be their song and their story which they will share by visiting the website of their favorite Connoisseur Media radio station. One of the songs that inspired Jeff initially was Macklemore’s “Same Love”.

Michelle Stevens, Director of Brand Management had this to say:

“Jeff is as competitive and outspoken as anyone in our industry. I asked him what his hope was, and it was simple, ‘to use the power of our stations to encourage inclusiveness, respect and love in our communities’”.

Stevens went on to say, “The interactive nature of this initiative will provide listeners an authentic acceptance of the things that really matter most to each of us as human

beings. We all have struggled with issues like depression, addiction, insecurity, abuse and a host of other things, that can be disabling to the human spirit without compassion and support. Music is so often the familiar tie that is able to connect us all on a deeper level when it’s difficult to articulate for ourselves. Together, we can take a fresh approach to the meaning behind the lyrics and weave a bond of unity, inner strength and the simple reassurance that we are not alone”.

Warshaw said, “We hope that the artists will join with us and share their inspiration for the meaning within their songs with a brief message of positivity and encouragement. In return, this will offer the artists a great opportunity to connect with the audience in a more intimate way than ever before, creating a more personal bond between listener and artist.”

Stevens concluded by saying, “As we all know, great stations are a balance of art and science, of research and heart. In other words, a great brand is strategy + emotion. This brings heart to our communities and what we do each day. Our mission now is to translate that to each listener, one song at a time: One Song, One Us”.

Connoisseur Media owns/operates radio stations in Bridgeport, New Haven and Stamford-Norwalk, CT; Long Island, NY; Allentown, Erie and Stroudsburg, PA; and Billings, MT.

Contact information:

Jeffrey D. Warshaw, CEO
180 Post Road East, Suite 201
Westport, CT 06880
Tel: 203-227-1978

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