Get Native: Why Native Ads Should Be In Your Mix

By Matt Renzulli

Today’s consumer is looking for an online experience that is custom and tailored to their needs and this consumer desire will only continue to grow. Generation Z and Millennial consumers are now even willing to give up personal data to receive a personalized experience to get what they are looking for.  Right now 84% of customers say the way to win their business is to treat them like a person, not just an ordinary number. Today’s consumer desire for a customized experience and relevant content has affected how businesses should brand themselves and the messaging they should be utilizing.

Adding Native Ads to your mix will allow you to brand your business and provide that personalized experience customers are looking for. Native Ads are an ad format designed to match the look and feel of content on a webpage.  These ads are formatted just like surrounding content located within the content of a webpage and are targeted using demographic and geography data.

It is important to include Native Advertising in your advertising mix because doing so will deliver your message and branding and make it personal to the consumer. Native ads also allow your business to tap into additional online inventory to expand your reach.  Today over 60% of Display ads online are Native ads. Last year, $35.24 billion dollars was spent on US Native Digital Display Ads alone! This number will continue to grow as both the internet and consumer experience continue to evolve.

We’ve gathered five best practices to keep in mind while building your successful Native Ad campaign.  These include:

  1. Make headlines detailed and engaging to draw the users’ interest.
  2. Craft short and catchy ad descriptions that capture the value proposition or brand messaging.
  3. Keep your messaging consistent across campaigns and creatives – this includes your Programmatic Display and Mobile GeoFencing campaigns as well.
  4. Choose clear, pleasing, brand/product related images.
  5. Avoid placing text or call to action buttons on images.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly increase the success of your Native Ads campaign. Combining Native Ads with other Programmatic strategies can generate up to 2x the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your advertisements.

Make sure you are asking yourself and your business the following questions:

  1. Are you taking the steps necessary to increase the reach and results of your Programmatic Display campaigns?
  2. Are you providing today’s consumer the custom online experience they are looking for?

If you are not sure you are achieving these two goals, please contact us today to have a conversation about incorporating Native Ads into your mix.

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