Email Marketing for your Home Services Business

By Doug Gunsolley

Businesses that specialize in providing services for homeowners have unique challenges in reaching their target market.  Often these businesses do not have a storefront or showroom where potential customers can go and see their products and services.  Also, not every consumer is a good match for their products and services.  For example, apartment renters are an unlikely prospect for a landscaping company.

Fortunately, there is a great way to reach specific audiences online through Email Marketing.  Email Marketing is a product designed to allow businesses to directly target segments of consumers. With Email Marketing, businesses can reach their target customers directly through the prospect’s email inbox. By getting the right message to the right audience, businesses are more likely to get the response they are looking for, such as a phone call, form submit or other valuable conversion.

With Email Marketing, a sender uses multiple audience targeting options such as location, age, gender, income, interests, etc. to reach the consumers who are most likely to use their services.  When you launch an Email Marketing campaign, you receive access to a paid database that contains millions of  email addresses. With such a large database, there is a match for any business and industry.

Email Marketing is also measurable and trackable.  Successful email campaigns are accompanied by strong analytics. On average, paid email campaign open rates are higher than campaigns executed using a native database, by contrast ranging 9-18%.

Email Marketing is useful year-round but can be especially effective for services that are seasonal in nature, such as heating, air conditioning, and landscaping.  Campaigns can be set up to take advantage of seasonality with content and promotions specific to the time of year.   Email Marketing can also be combined with other digital tactics such as Social Media Management and Programmatic Display to create a comprehensive and unified marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is targeted, accountable, measurable, cost efficient, and effective.  The accompanying analytics allow senders to measure the response and effectiveness of their campaign. Various services offer matchback opportunities to measure against your new customers and returning customers, helping you determine return on investment.

Email Marketing has proven to be a cost efficient, powerful tool to promote your products, services, and brand.  Interested in learning more about how Email Marketing can help your business reach its goals?  Contact Connoisseur Digital today!

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