You know you need to be on Google, here is how you get there.

By Kevin Nissen


Advertising has always been complicated, but in 2018 it seems more confusing than ever.  Long gone are the days when placing an advertisement in the yellow pages or the local paper was enough to keep the phone ringing.  Now, businesses need to be found everywhere potential customers are looking and millions of them are looking at Google.  Connoisseur Digital has local experts who make navigating the world of digital advertising EASY and that starts with understanding Google’s results page.



It can seem like magic.  You go to Google and search “Best Taco in Babylon” and suddenly you have choices, ways to order, pictures, menus, and reviews from people who have visited local restaurants.  Google delivers this data to you in the blink of an eye by generating a Search Engine Results Page or SERP.  If you’re a business owner being on the SERP means you have a chance to be chosen and talked about.  The only way to get there is to understand what a SERP is and how it works.


Paid Advertisements –When you enter a search into Google you usually notice a section at the top, or perhaps even the bottom of the page that features results with [AD] located directly adjacent to them.  These ads are the results of Search Engine Marketing, or SEM campaigns run by these businesses.  While businesses pay a premium to appear here that doesn’t guarantee their placement.  Google places ads based on a proprietary algorithm (formula) that helps them determine which ads a searcher will find most relevant.


Map – If you are trying to find a business’s location you might try visiting the maps section of the SERP.  Google maps provides searchers with a visual of where businesses are located and even turn by turn directions on how to visit brick and mortar locations.  Getting on the map section is easy and starts with claiming your Google business listing.


Algorithmic or Natural Results – This is the meat and potatoes of the SERP.  Here we find all the data we are looking for in an easy to navigate format.  Google keeps the exact formula for how these results appear a closely guarded secret, but Search Engine Optimization, or SEO helps.


Remember Google’s SERP is highly coveted advertising space and appearing there takes time.  If you are looking for quick results, SEM might be the right solution for you.  If longevity is a priority, then SEO might be the way to go.  I often tell clients that you can think of SEM as a sprint and SEO as a marathon.  In order for your track team to win you want to have good runners in all categories.


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