Why Digital Marketing Experts Love Search Engine Marketing

By Robin Faller

Like wakeboarding? Then you are the perfect candidate for a Search Engine Optimization, because the success of your website’s traffic and lead generation will be solely dependent on wild swings in search engine results. Google changes it’s ranking factors 40+ times a month and at times their modifications can create swings (moderate to wild) in your website traffic.  In recent months, we’ve seen variations in rank and Google verified they are making some significant changes to their search algorithm.

Looking for smoother ride? Search Engine Marketing is a great addition to your Search Engine Optimization program, and provides the necessary control to compete on page one as much as your budget affords when Google or Bing show ads. If you own a retail business, this includes competing for the ad spots on maps and benefits like monitoring estimated store visits.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to control how your budget is being spent relative to

Bidding (paying more or less) for factors that matter, things like…

  • Hyper local location by zip code
  • Demographic
  • Service (ad group or campaign)
  • Keyword
  • Conversions (phone or forms)
  • Location
  • Time of Day
  • Device (desktop or mobile)

Every time we launch a new account, I’m reminded how much I love Search Engine Marketing. Whether is a medical office, law firm, or home improvement business, we see the business score new customers and increase sales to existing customers. I’ve had customers make new businesses profitable quickly and others refine their revenue strategies and sell their company for life changing gains.

At Connoisseur Digital, our team is expert in this service. We are often called in to evaluate campaigns and counsel advertisers of all sizes about how to improve. For a complimentary SEM or SEO consultation, call our office today.

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