What The APP?!

By: Robin Faller


In APP Serves get more traction

Business owners sometimes express concern about the viability of advertising in apps. They can’t imagine their target customer being engaged in their ads while using an app.  The data says something different.  We see click through rates on in-app serves 4x that of a typical banner ad.


Consumers return to favorite apps several times a day

The reality is 93% of smartphone users use apps.  App users return to their favorite apps 2x to 3x per day.*  Apple’s App Store has over 2.2 million apps.  Apple is trumped by Android, with 2.8 million apps. **  In fact, app usage data may surprise you:


You would be surprised at which gender drives gaming

Women make up  % of game app users.*  The average age is 36 and the average time she spends on gaming is 62 minutes a day.


When are women gaming…

  • 58% while relaxing
  • 42% while watching TV
  • 38% before sleeping


And also surprised at who consumes entertainment

On the contrary, men drive usage of some of the most widely used categories.










When planning an effective display campaign, mobile apps, are a valuable asset in your arsenal.




*Think with Google…Something for everyone,” Ipsos MORI mobile app research report, U.S., July 2017



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