Self-Assessment of Your Marketing: 2 Questions Worth Asking

By Todd Moskowitz

If you want to grow your business, you need a buttoned-up marketing strategy that connects you with consumers when they are ready to buy. This article focuses on two simple elements of marketing which, if managed correctly, will make significant impact in helping you achieve more edge over your competitors.

Two Questions Worth Asking

  1. Is your storefront visible online? Do consumers have to work hard to find you? If so, it will set your business back. 75% of consumers never scroll past the first page of results. The web is crowded. It’s mission critical to take every step possible to make it easy for customers to find you.
  2. Do you have a sustainable strategy for managing your reviews/reputation? While business is dramatically influenced by the quality of your product or service, what matters more is what others believe to be true of you. Reputation truly plays a significant role in influencing public opinion. It’s worth assessing if you make an active effort to manage your reputation through responding to all online reviews – both positive and negative.

The above two factors work hand in hand. Here’s why: Ensuring you’re able to be found online not only makes it easy for people to find you, it also creates the opportunity for you to showcase your positive reviews once you are found (providing you are managing reviews effectively). At Connoisseur Media, we can help solve the entire puzzle with one solution: through our Local SEO: Review & Listings Management Portal.

How It Works

Part One: Listings Management to improve organic search performance

  • Our Local SEO service includes managing a business’s online listings on all important platforms. This way the business can achieve pure consistency across the Internet.
  • While accuracy across listings pages may sound trivial, it has a real effect on your organic search performance.
  • If your business’s information is consistent across the Internet and has good reviews, Google will prioritize your listing and your business will appear in the search results.
  • As noted above, 75% of searches never go past page one, which is why improving your organic search performance is so important.

Part Two:  Managing your reviews to improve your reputation and win more business

  • Managing your reviews is an essential step to influencing public opinion about your business.
  • Our service enables you to seamlessly manage all reviews from a single portal, rather than switching from one site to another (Facebook to Google, for instance).
  • Additionally, our service seamlessly enables you to send out review requests to your best clients, which help to drive more positive reviews.
  • Here is why it’s important to respond to online reviews:
    • 92% of consumers now read online reviews and 85% of consumers trust online reviews.
  • Here is why it’s risky to not respond and manage reviews:
    • One negative review drives away 30 new customers per month
    • Unaddressed reviews lead to a 15% increase in churn

If you want to grow your business, you need a buttoned-up marketing strategy that connects you with consumers when they are ready to buy. Ensuring that you can be found, along with ensuring you have a solid reputation, are two very important steps to connecting the dots on the Internet.  If you’re looking to increase your business’s presence and reputation online, contact our team of dedicated professionals. We look forward to putting your business on the front page!

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