By: Shannon Begley

Radio is one of the most versatile marketing mediums that a business or brand can utilize to get their message or product embedded in the consumers mind. Yes, we still sell those commercials you hear in between songs that range from :60 second commercials to even :05 seconds, but really, we are so much more!  Radio can deliver your business a customized, integrated marketing plan that includes on-air, online, and onsite opportunities that excite and engage!   What makes Radio so unique is that Radio has the ability to connect with listeners on an intensely personal relationship with personalities and local content that listeners have made part of their daily routines.

Here are 8 other ways that you can partner with your local Radio station besides running on-air commercials to see results and drive awareness/traffic to your business.

1)      On-Site Community Events

Our picture is from last year’s SoNo Arts Festival in Connecticut.  The client Garavel Subaru has been sponsoring STAR 99.9’s Children’s Art Playground for the past 7 years.  They wanted a way to be out in front of the community reaching families and the idea of having kids paint a Subaru was born.  With on-site events your business has the opportunity to be out in front of potential customers and interact with the local community.  Radio stations are at hundreds of events within their local community each year.  Why not partner to showcase your company in your community!

2)      Live Remote From Your Event or Location

Adding a Radio station live remote and personality to your event brings excitement and gives your event that extra fun – music, games, and personality to help host your event and interact with your customers.  Live breaks from the event share what’s going on with thousands that are listening during peak shopping hours.

3)      Sponsoring an Exclusive Station Event

Most stations have at least a few signature, marquis events that your business can get involved in. These events are designed to reach that target loyal listener and a way for them to connect with the stations.  For example, WPLR in Connecticut built a monumental Toy Drive, Chaz & AJ’s Toy Drive.  This past year we were able to raise over $109,000 in toys and money for 6 local charities for the holiday season.  Local businesses were able to take advantage of PR and meet over 1,000 loyal listeners that attended.

4)      Merchandising: Co-Branded Promotional Items

Let the Radio stations be your promotional team and merchandise your business.  With all of the events that Radio stations are at why not have them hand out your promotional items.  You can even co-brand with the station.

5)      Radio Station Websites

Loyal listeners go to the stations websites for streaming the station, unique content, community events calendars, contests, podcasts, videos, pictures, and so much more!  You can extend your on-air program with digital display ads and sponsoring online content!

6)      Personality Endorsements

Personality endorsements are a great way for your brand to build trust with the Radio station listeners.  Listeners have a strong personal connection with Radio personalities.  They see personalities as a friend and trust their opinions.  A live read or recorded endorsement provides a trusted review to your business.

7)      Social Media

Radio stations have embraced Social Media from its inception.  Stations feature behind the scenes look into the lives of the personalities in and out of work and events.  Listeners love to follow their friends on air.  Stations may offer to include you in their content where appropriate.

8)      Sponsoring Embedded Content On-air

Our stations deliver updates on weather, traffic, and news daily.  We add in lifestyle features that also include sponsorships like Sports Report, Couples Court, 30 Second Song Challenge, Student of the Month, and more!    These opportunities generate appointment listening features and can be sponsored.

These are just a handful of ways to partner with your local Radio stations.  Our creative teams are always coming up with NEW unique ways to touch our listeners and the local community for both our stations and for the clients.  We offer our sponsors the opportunity to brainstorm with resource groups to maximize these and unique opportunities created for them.   Get your business involved with a local Radio station and see the results!

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