Programmatic Display

By Jackie Magnusson


What is programmatic display and how can it benefit your business?

You may have been hearing a lot about a hot new online advertising opportunity called programmatic display, but what exactly is it and how might it benefit your business?

A display ad is an ad that can be served on a website or social media platform as a banner that visually conveys the intended ad message utilizing components like images, video, and audio. Display ads can be an enticing way to reach your intended audience when they are spending time online outside of search.


What makes programmatic display different than traditional display advertising?

In the past, when an individual or business wanted to run a display ad on a particular website they would have to approach the website owner or representative of that site and then they would need to submit an insertion order for a particular placement and position on said site for a set dollar amount. Technology has advanced to the point where these transactions have now been automated, and a bidding platform can evaluate the available inventory and then bid for that open position, allowing for ads to be shown on a greater number of sites for a lower cost to the advertiser.


What kind of business can benefit from programmatic display?

Any business! Programmatic display is a great marketing tool for any kind of business to showcase their ads to a variety of potential clients on various websites and applications, from to Candy Crush, programmatic delivers ads to where potential customers are spending their time away from search.

Dynamic banner ads that showcase a compelling call to action can generate more interest than traditional text only ads. Imagery and video in banner ads can help to tell a story, increase brand recognition, and capture attention. Programmatic display offers advertisers an opportunity to be visible to potential clients on the sites and apps where they are spending the majority of their time, even when they may not actively be searching for products and services.


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