Programmatic Display…Why Get in the Game

By Ty Anschutz

If you are in marketing, chances are your goal is to get your brand in front of the right people at moments that matter and the best way to do that is with programmatic technology.  More and more brands are embracing Programmatic Display Advertising to deliver relevant, engaging experiences and, ultimately, earn brand love.   Over 80% of digital display ads are expected to be bought programmatically this year.

In the beginning, ad space was bought and sold by humans.  The process was slow and inefficient before an advertisement could be manually published.  Today, programmatic advertising allows marketers to do a few things:

  • Get to market faster
  • Serve more relevant ads by targeting demographics and online behaviors
  • Access a bigger pool of publishers including premium content
  • Better measure their return on investment

Programmatic Display has created a way for brands to establish deeper connections with their target consumers by helping them get the right ad to the right consumer on any screen in the most relevant moment.  You can now measure the viewability of ads and buy impressions while making sure ads are placed on high quality sites.  Programmatic Display is designed to do away with the old-fashioned, hit-or-miss campaign design.  Now, you can rely on an algorithm that will determine where your ad money is best spent.  All we need is some information about your goals as well as key performance indicators and you’re all set.

The brands that will succeed will be those that think outside of the box and leverage the strength of Programmatic Display to understand their audiences and deliver compelling creative that consumers want to view.

There’s no escaping the future of Programmatic Display, ads will increase 10x in the coming years.  If you haven’t already considered it a viable solution for your marketing campaigns, why not take a look at it today?  Contact Connoisseur Digital and see how we can help.

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