Is one digital strategy enough?


By: Robin Faller

Advertisers assume that isolating revenue generation from various Digital Marketing strategies is the best way to evaluate performance (PPC vs. Social Ads vs. SEO).   On top of that, they may segment new customer revenue against expense for a specific channel.

The truth is, the consumer lives in Micro Moments that matter, looking at their phone 150x a day.

91% turn to their smartphone while in a task.  90% use multiple devices. So assuming a single advertising channel influenced a consumer action is not reasonable.


Where do I start?

Whether you are a brick and mortar or service based business, you need to believe in the power of brand recall and reputation.   These two things drive revenue, new customer and existing customer sales. 


The simpler side of this is reputation, as so much of this is in your control.  Check your business against this list:

  • Do you have a responsive website that is easy to navigate across devices?
  • On your website, have you made it easy to call, fill out a form, or chat with you?
  • When someone calls your business, is the phone answered within a few rings and is the customer greeted with a pleasant helpful person who responds quickly?
  • When chat is on, is someone answering in a polite fashion?
  • When someone walks into your business, are they greeted with a smile and are they getting prompt, courteous service?
  • When your business makes mistakes, are they corrected and handled swiftly?
  • Do you respond to reviews online?


Marketing requires a plan.   Focus on what you want your potential customer to do or think about your business.  Often a marketing objective is being known for something so when a consumer has a triggering event, they turn to your first.


Share of mind is achieved through more than one strategy.   You need to coordinate the most impactful online and offline mediums.  On the traditional side, Radio offers the most effective CPM’s, reach, and the power of echoic memory that creates recall and drives brand impact.  TV can complement radio with the power of motion and sound.  Radio added to TV increases reach.


When combined with the reach medium Radio, Digital Marketing increases brand recall 4.5x. The Digital Marketing strategies you choose will be based on your objectives.


I need to get the phone to ring or increase my sales…

  • Search Engine Marketing is the go to direct response strategy as you are positioning your business in front of someone looking for your goods or services.
  • Search Engine Optimization is the second go to for direct response.  The stronger your organic rank for key services, the more likely you will increase free traffic to your website and through your doors.
  • Local SEO (Local Business Listings with Reviews) is the must do for every business.  Reviews are viewed by 87% of consumers, most look for decent scores and validation from your comments.  Recent reviews are the most critical.  Your review efforts can never rest.
  • Bottom line-page dominance wins!


I need to be known in my field for a service or product.  I need my lead generation to be more effective…

  • Programmatic Display is no longer an option.  There are many tactics to embrace: video marketing and Geo-fencing to name a few. You need to stay in front of that consumer where they are online, researching your services.  Better online brand awareness, yields better results for SEM, SEO, and Map Listings.


Some of the choices are tough to make.  Partner with a reputable professional to navigate your marketing plans to get the most for your business.

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