Location Based Advertising for Your Restaurant

By Erica Chludzinski

Location Based Advertising, LBA, is utilized when an advertiser targets an audience based on the audience’s location. GeoFencing, a form of LBA, is utilized when specific locations, like restaurants or shopping malls, are chosen and visitors to those locations are served ads on their mobile phones. GeoFencing can be utilized for many types of businesses, but can be especially beneficial to restaurant advertisers.

Picking Your Location
The first step in GeoFencing is choosing the locations that you will target for your advertisements. A consumer’s location can tell you a lot about their interests. Locations can be chosen based on targeting consumers around your business or at your competitors locations. Locations can also be chosen because they represent a lifestyle similar to those of your usual customers.

Choosing Your Message
Just like with any type of advertising, the message in your GeoFencing ad has to catch your consumer’s attention and persuade them to become your customer. Messages that offer coupons and special promotions can persuade a person to make a conversion. Depending on your target audience, some messages can be more persuasive than others. For example, “Free Delivery” is likely to attract college students and busy moms, while “$5 off” is likely to attract audience members who are more interested in a sit-down meal.

Getting the Conversion
GeoFencing strategies are especially effective when used to promote restaurants. This is because targeting an audience based on their proximity to your location is the best way to find people likely to frequent or even try out what your restaurant has to offer. For example, if you’re a Mexican restaurant with a great delivery service, GeoFence the local colleges and offer a deal for students who order your meals to their dorm room.

GeoFencing can assist many conversions for restaurants, whether it be getting more customers through the door or influencing more online orders. It can be difficult to determine the best locations and message to advertise your restaurant as effectively as possible. Interested in advertising through GeoFencing for your restaurant, but not sure where to begin? Contact the professionals at Connoisseur Digital to maximize the opportunities that location based advertising has to offer your business.

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