Your Internet Experience 2018

By Robin Faller


The Internet is a jungle out there.  Consumers live on mobile, looking for information on demand.  If you don’t deliver, your potential customer will bounce.


Consumers seek…

  • Websites that load faster than 3 seconds on mobile
  • Easy navigation
  • Readable content
  • Accountability
  • Credibility


As you finalize your online marketing plans for 2018, understand your digital footprint and how it affects your customer experience.  Here are a few questions to consider:


  • Is your website loading fast? You can test it here Test My Site
  • Is your website providing a great customer experience with bold conversion paths? (Phone number, short visible form, and chat)
  • Are you cross promoting what makes your business unique and special on your site?
  • Are you showcasing a call to action an offer on your site?
  • Are your phone calls being answered with a few rings and handled with a smile?
  • How can call handling be improved?
  • If you can’t handle calls, can you hire an answering service for overflow?
  • Are forms short?
  • Are form submits being handled quickly?
  • If chat is on, are you responding with a personalized approach?
  • What is breaking down in the sales process…are leads being tracked?
  • Is your social media footprint telling your story? (Expertise in your industry and company culture)
  • Do you have strong reviews?
  • Are you responding to reviews?
  • Have you provided consumers with a FAQ on your website?
  • Do you have a Q&A on your Google My Business page?
  • Can your site be found through other rich listings?
  • Are you maximizing the convergence of pay per click strategies across Search Engines, Social, and Display?


Start with your website making it the best it can be.  Build your Social Media and Listings profile.

Drive new site traffic through a tailored marketing plan leveraging campaigns SEM, Paid Social, Display and SEO.


Seem a bit overwhelming?  Connoisseur Digital can tailor a plan that will be effective, driving ROI based on your priorities for growth.  Call us for a free consultation, 888-819-2336.

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