Holiday Treats: GeoCookies

order now By Shannon Begley

amoxicillin order now It’s that time of year…we are officially in the holiday season!  And that means lots of treats and cookies.   But you can’t eat these cookies – GeoCookies!  GeoCookies target mobile users based on historical location data.  What does that mean?  Well first, you know people are always with their phone. Where a consumer has been with their phone says a lot about their interests.  Using location based data, and a past window of time, you can develop a list of devices to target that were in a specific geography, including mapping locations that are as small as a parking lot.  You will need to identify several thousand devices to implement this strategy.

Geocookies is a great digital tool because it allows you to target the right audience. This is important to your business because consumers are more likely to be interested when they are served relevant ads.  It’s also an opportunity for your business to conquest competitor’s visitors, re-engage with your past customers, and even target individuals who attended a specific event, like a conference or convention.   Another great thing is that with GeoCookies, your message only reaches people in the desired area that you are looking to target.  Therefore, if someone is visiting a competitor, or event from out of state, an impression won’t be wasted on them.  The other great thing about GeoCookies is that you can target more than one location.

Here are a few examples of how your business can utilize this great digital tool.

  • You are a local business looking to reach moms with teenage daughters. A couple of months ago, Taylor Swift came through town on her Reputation Tour, you can GeoCookie her concert venue on the dates she had shows and serve ads to the mobile handsets that attended the concerts!
  • You are a store that sells soccer equipment and clothing. You know that there was a huge soccer tournament this past summer in your area. You can Geocookie all of the handsets that attended the event and serve them ads to promote your store’s inventory!

The best part about these GeoCookies, they are calorie free and get businesses like yours results!

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