Great Reasons to Exhibit at a Business Trade Show or Exposition

By Doug Gunsolley


In today’s fast paced environment there are many tactics you can use to improve your business’s visibility and gain more leads and prospects.  One great method that is often overlooked is the value of exhibiting at business and industry conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions.  Here at Connoisseur Digital we sponsor and exhibit and attend  many of these types of events where we can meet new people and businesses in our industry as well connect with existing clients and prospects interested in our services.


There are many reasons why it can be invaluable for your company and brand to not only attend these events but exhibit at them as well.


Here are three of the top benefits


Generate Targeted Sales Leads – the right strategy at a business expo creates an opportunity to increase and expand your sales pipeline and customer base. Attendees at these events are most likely in your industry or target area and have often come specifically to compare the products and services that vendors like you are offering.  The fact that your business is exhibiting shows that you are a serious and credible option for these folks.  Just make sure that you have a strategy in place to follow up with all prospects.


Strengthen Your Brand – business expos are a great place to grow and build your brand.  All businesses, especially those in industries that depend on trust and reputation, benefit from the exposure and brand recognition that these expos provide.  By sponsoring a booth, you have an opportunity to create, convey, and control the message that you want your clients and prospects to see.


Building Relationships Through Face-To-Face Networking –  We’ve all heard of the phrase “See and Be Seen”.  For almost all businesses out there, networking and referrals are one of the best proven ways to get prospects, leads, and sales.  Business trade shows and showcase expos allow you to meet and get to know not only prospects and customers, but also your peers and competitors.  You never know if the next person you talk to is someone that can open up a new world of opportunity.  Just one good connection can lead to years of future business success!

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