By Robin Faller

Google has combined all its advertising channels under one brand umbrella, Google Ads.  Now Search, Display, YouTube, Apps, Maps etc. under one brand, Google Ads.

Under the new Google Ads brand, Google will be making an AI option available to all users with advanced tools to test creative.

What will Google’s AI option do for marketers?

For over a year, Google has been discouraging A/B testing and encouraging adding 3 ads per ad group.  In a nutshell, it drives multi variant testing to accelerate performance.  The basics are you submit an ad, 15 headlines, 4 descriptions, logos, and photos.

Google Ads will then show combinations more relevant to the user’s intent across it’s channels: Search, YouTube, Display, Apps, Maps, and so on.

New ad formats will be big on real estate!

The new ads can show as many as 3 headlines and 2 descriptions.The descriptions are even larger and will be expanded to 90 characters, expanded from 80.  You can also pin a headline to a specific position.  Not only that, cross device reporting allows an expanded remarketing opportunity.

How does this impact ad copy?

You need a pro to assess the best way to present your business.  Now more than ever you will need to identify offers and unique selling propositions.

+ Local Campaigns

As part of this new initiative, Google is driving store traffic with Local Campaigns.  Due to a 10x increase in “near me” searches like “open near me tonight”.    90% of purchases happen offline and consumers are shopping 24/7.  Many metrics are available for the Local Campaigns:

  • Calls — clicks on call buttons.
  • Directions — clicks on “get directions” buttons.
  • Website visits — clicks on website links associated with location-based ads.
  • Orders — clicks on “order” buttons.
  • Menu actions — clicks on menu links.
  • Other actions — “Clicks on other tracked user actions (for example: share location, save, etc.) on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.”

Why hire a pro to run your new AI campaign?

A pro will who interacts with Google Ads all day, every day, has the understands ideal campaign structure and how to maximize various campaign elements to achieve specific goals.  Trained analysts have deep experience in researching and constructing the ideal keyword list.

Not only can they provide better ad copy, they have the analytic skills to assess performance and pivot where necessary to maximize your ROI.

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