Get in the Game with Google Ads

By Robin Faller

There are 1,000,000,000 more searches online than there were 5 years ago.   How does Google keep up and beat the competition to provide a useful product to both consumers and advertisers?

While Google faces increasing competition for Internet advertising revenue, it continues to provide new sophisticated offerings, making Google Ads so sticky it’s a must in most SMB’s marketing mix whether you are in a service business or retail sectors.  

Based on it’s own observations Google knows:

      In a 48 hour period we are shopping online for something

      3 out of 4 consumers who search for a local store visit it within 24 hours

      Valuable ads satisfy intent in the micro moment that matters most to the consumer

Google Ads, renamed last July to showcase its AI upgrade brought together all Google advertising tools together.  New and improved tools and ad formats enable us to maximize your opportunity online through machine learning.   Based on more unique ad delivery, we are driving the highest level of relevancy and success through presenting a more individualized add to the ideal target customer through a few key ad formats.

Responsive Text Ads, in BETA, offer expanded headlines and descriptions, combinations served based on the user query.  These ads are driving record CTR, with lifts as high as 15% among our campaigns.    While Responsive Text Ads are still in Beta, Google’s AI presents a wide variety of combinations to the user based on intent.  The analyst provides up to 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions.  There are hundreds of combinations that can be shown that are tailored to each individual consumer.  The additional benefit for marketers, is A/B testing is no longer an arduous task of only running two ads in a face off competition.

Expanded text ads continue to provide a benefit of expanded real estate as they have also become larger with third headline and second description.  The difference between these is you have complete control on what will be shown.  The difference is you will be guessing at result and user intent.  While Responsive Text Ads are still in BETA, Google is recommending utilizing both formats.

If you are looking for the highest level of execution, let us assess your current campaign and share how we can improve it. Contact us today.

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