Facebook Ads – 5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Pro

By Doug Gunsolley


Facebook is now the world’s second largest online advertising platform and trails only Google. The two account for 63% of online revenue. One of the biggest reasons for Facebook’s growth is it has accumulated a wealth of data about its users which advertisers can use to precisely target the customer they are looking for. This data includes audience demographics, interests, and behaviors. Setting up a Facebook Ads campaign is a great way for many businesses to effectively target prospects for branding, leads, and sales.
Like many online advertising platforms, Facebook Ads was originally set up as a do-it-yourself model. And while may firms do try their hand at managing their own Facebooks Ads campaign, setting up and running a successful campaign can be a challenge for the inexperienced. That is why many businesses utilize the services of a digital marketer or agency for Facebook Ads. There are advantages and benefits of hiring a pro to setup and run your campaign in order to get the most out of your advertising dollars.
Here are 5 great reasons you should consider using a professional agency to set up and run your Facebook Ads campaigns:


1) Eliminate Expensive Learning Curves

Let’s face it, online advertising platforms can take a while to master. Getting optimal performance for your ad dollars might take you months to achieve and can lead to considerable wasted spend while learning what does and does not work for your particular campaign. By hiring a pro, you are getting their experience and expertise for your campaign right from the start. That equates to better performance and return on investment.



2) Save Valuable Internal Resources for Core Competencies

Most business owners wear many hats when it comes to running their business and are often pulled in different directions. It can be difficult to devote the time and resources to mastering the Facebook Ads platform when there are pressing business issues. Hiring a digital agency to manage your Facebook campaign can allow you to concentrate on what you do best.



3) Have Access to Ideas that can Help Your Business

Besides creating and running your campaign, agencies can also act as another set of viewpoints and ideas to give insight on your marketing. Since these pros have probably worked with others in your industry, they can be a valuable resource of proven ideas and techniques.



4) Work with the Latest Facebook Ad Formats and Features

A digital agency that runs multiple campaigns can provide you with access to cutting edge features and formats. Facebook Ads can cover a variety of objectives including local awareness, lead generation, Ecommerce sales, video views, etc. Your agency will be able to match your objectives with the type of campaign that will best meet them and use multiple strategies that you might not be aware of.



5) Ability to Change Course Quickly

To produce amazing work for clients, agencies know they must be able to adapt quickly to changing markets and conditions. Your agency can gain actionable insights from the data they are producing in your campaign. They understand that they always need to move quickly to stay ahead of the curve.

Since agencies are accountable for delivering results, any firm you are considering hiring should be an active and knowledgeable partner in running Facebook advertising solutions. A good Facebook advertising agency will not shy away from campaign performance and will be eager to analyze the data to better help you understand the outcomes, gain insights about new audience segments, and identify ways to take your program to the next level. To learn more about how Connoisseur Digital can take your Facebook marketing campaign to the next level, call or contact us today!

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