2019: Rev Up Your Customer Service Engine

By Robin Faller

Consumers research most purchases, from buying hard goods to scheduling services for their home to making medical appointments. Google reports there are over 1,000,000,000 more searches online than five years ago. Additionally, 90% of customers will pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. What is your business doing to ensure that your customers are receiving a superior customer experience when their search lands on you?

The first visit to your business makes or breaks the sale.  Initial interactions are critical.  Be sure your team is dressed professionally, makes eye contact, speaks clearly and audibly.  Your greeters (sales or front desk personnel) should be interested, helpful and know how to read the customer to maximize their visit.

Sixty-seven percent of customers hang up the phone if they don’t get to speak to a person. Due to the immediate access mobile provides, consumers want to talk to a person when they call. 

Their expectation is to be greeted by a friendly and helpful person who will solve their problem. Does you team answer the phone with a smile? Do they have an FAQ resource they can easily pull answers from? Make sure they have the right attitude and are armed and ready to win consumers over.

Embrace chat on your website. Sixty-eight percent of consumers chat before making a purchase.  More importantly, chat can increase your conversion (sales) rates by 20%. Today’s chat functions allow you to turn it on when staffed and off when needed. It provides the benefit of starting a conversation earlier in the buying process, before the customer is willing to reveal their identity.  It’s a way to not only make a helpful first impression, but also to engage the consumer.  If they are interested in learning more, you can solicit their contact information to continue the conversation and nurture the relationship via your email program.

Have you thought about thanking the consumer for selecting your business? Studies show when it comes to reciprocity, most people only thank someone once every 20 times the opportunity arises. Your team can do better. Make a real impact. Coach your team to thank consumers for purchases, being a new customer, being a returning customer, or even just visiting your business.

Lasting favorable impressions will yield impactful results on your revenue.

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