2019? Ready, Set, Market!

By Todd Moskowitz

Is your digital presence ready for 2019?  While many others in the Digital space bombard businesses with products, far fewer provide true digital solutions. We prefer thoughtful recommendations, which are 100% tied to your marketing and business goals. While we have a rich set of offerings, our focus is to provide guidance to help you choose which fit, based on your priorities, desired outcomes and budget.

Ask the Right Questions

First, assess if your business is well positioned to drive and measure conversions. If your business is deficient on this front, we can help. Here is your checklist:

Does your business have a functioning website?

Websites are often the initial opportunity to make a first impression, so having a strong website is crucial, and will provide a very positive impact for your business. If your business needs a website (or your site is not functioning effectively), we offer state of the art site builds, with fast loading speeds and a contemporary design with strong conversion paths across all devices. What is a conversion path? It is the ways in which a consumer connects to you…prominent phone numbers, short, easy-to-fill forms on every page, and online chat.

Consumers may be looking at your business in 10+ places…do they find a good impression?

34% of Local Search happens on directories. Are you struggling with keep your business listings updated or responding to reviews? Improve performance by ensuring continuity across all major directory pages (critical in order achieve better search results and be eligible for the map listing). Conquer reviews by both generating requests and responding in real time with a listings management tool. Both Listings and Reviews are making or breaking consumer connections daily.

Do I really need Social Media?

An effective Social Media strategy can make all the difference in providing an upper edge in communicating and relating to customers. An effective program leverages the channels that are most relevant to your customers. And in the case of pairing theses services with SEO, includes relevant content and placement that will aid your web presence for services that are most critical for your business.

Google reports there are over 1,000,000,000 more searches online than five years ago. What does that mean for your business?

The mobile device has forever changed the consumer journey. Research is happening in the moment of purchase as well as far in advance. You need to be mindful of being the dominant brand in your marketplace. Radio makes you memorable before someone is looking for your services. Although many businesses wonder whether to choose radio or digital, the truth is that they are most effective when paired together. When they are used together, they achieve a 4.5 times higher recall. Radio is highly effective in drawing an emotional connection, through the use of creative audio, while digital is highly effective in providing factual information that’s visually appealing and demographically targeted. Together they are an ideal pair in driving effective solutions for your business and your goals. Our online Programmatic Display advertising services will help you continue to dominate online throughout the consumer’s journey, whether they are mobile, tablet or desktop users.

Programmatic Offerings Include:

  • Programmatic Display
  • Location Based Mobile Advertising-GeoFence and GeoCookies (location history)
  • Video Advertising, including PreRoll, OTT & CTV
  • IP Targeting

Does your business appear when your consumers are searching for you?

The ability to win in search is mission critical, as it creates the chances to capitalize when consumers are close to taking action. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are your marathon and sprint to Page 1.

Search Engine Optimization is optimal for a brand’s web presence. A good SEO partner is monitoring the changes in Google’s search algorithms and making sure your site is current on the updates of what Google is looking for, to ensure that your business website health is in optimal condition to be discovered.

Search Engine Management is key for assuring that your marketing message will reach your consumers that are looking for your product or service. Google Ads has stepped up their game, introducing new AI options that require professional monitoring and precise ad script writing in order to optimize advertising performance. Bing Ads has its own unique offerings and must also be monitored.

The Bottom Line

Connoisseur Media and Connoisseur Digital offer a tremendous supply of resources for your business. Let’s explore your profit centers and the impact growth can provide in 2019.

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