Connoisseur Media Announces Launch of Ferocious Content

Westport, CT October 2, 2019 – Connoisseur, one of America’s most respected local media companies, is partnering with JJ Durand and John Deptulski to create a new company, FEROCIOUS CONTENT. Ferocious will focus on video and social media content.
“We are pumped to be partnering with these talented guys. Our clients are increasingly asking for our help with video and social, so we decided to launch a brand-new company” said Jeffrey Warshaw CEO of Connoisseur.
Durand, who will co-lead Ferocious with Deptulski, added, “When we were given a chance to partner with such a blue-chip media company, we pounced on it. We will be creating content that will help local advertisers eat up their competitors”.
About Connoisseur Media:
Connoisseur owns market-leading radio and digital media clusters in regions including Nassau-Suffolk NY, Stamford-Norwalk, Bridgeport, and New Haven in CT and Frederick MD.

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