Cash Catch For Businesses Using Local Radio

The February issue of Radio Ink magazine highlights how Radio wins the day when it comes to local business. In Stratford, Connecticut local marina owner Scott “Tuna” Mitchell wanted to reach a very specific type of customer.

… we don’t want people from all over the world, we want people in our own backyard. We have some of the most powerful radio stations in our state in our backyard. Marketing to our potential custmomers in our area would make more sense than spreading money out all over the place, and it’s worked.

Radioink February 25, 2019

Scott knew that he wanted to reach people in his community, but with a large media landscape hadn’t settled on Radio yet. When he met with his Connoisseur Media sales rep, Pam Racevicius, he made it clear that he was weighing Radio against satellite and online streaming.

Pam was able to come together with Andy Alcosser, director of sales, and explain to us what market group, what people, what percentage of the people we would be hitting, what kind of dollars we could spend, and how we could really drill this thing down to a finite time of year. They explained how we could change the message when we need to change it, giving us the ability to stay ahead of the curve. They taught us how to do it, and we have had a lot of fun and success doing it.

Radioink February 25, 2019

The bottom line for any business is results, and so the big question with Scott’s business is did it work? In this case, he saw an increase of 30% in the number of phone calls, and sold seven slips during winter. Now a full year into his advertising on Star 99.9 and WPLR, Scott has seen results from week one.

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