NEW HAVEN, CT – November 5, 2018 – Connecticut’s most popular morning team, Chaz and AJ, once again hosted the last gubernatorial debate live on the air this morning, Monday November 5th, the day before election day.

Republican Bob Stefanowski faced off against Democrat Ned Lamont with a no holds barred debate with rapid fire questions coming from the show hosts as well as the listeners.  In between serious political discussion, the debate ended with a “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot” faceoff (Stefanowski was victor) and a hug between both candidates.

“The expectations were high and it over delivered. There were multiple answers that would have made attack ads if there was time,” Chaz said.

“This election is the single most important event happening in Connecticut right now,” Market Manager Kristin Okesson said, “It is our responsibility as broadcasters to be flexible and use the power of our radio stations, regardless of our format, to help inform our listeners to make the best decision for them.  I am proud of Chaz & AJ and WPLR, one of the biggest rock stations in the country–for breaking format to deliver this last Gubernatorial debate music and commercial free.  Thank you to CEO Jeff Warshaw and Connoisseur Media for supporting this type of programming.”

99.1 WPLR is a 50,000 watt FM rock station based in New Haven and has made a tradition over the years, through Chaz and AJ, of encouraging listeners to become actively involved in the local political climate. In between the standard elements of a rock morning Radio show, discussing serious political issues that matter to our community has been the focal point of this show for over 15 years.

The sponsor of the debate was AARP. The debate was commercial and music free.

Connoisseur Media owns and/or operates 31 radio stations in 8 markets.

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