Who’s in the next wave of buyers? Connoisseur’s Jeff Warshaw, for one.

Westport, CT – March 21, 2006 – Jeff enthusiastically responds to yesterday’s lead story about how the selloffs by Citadel and others may play out. He tells Inside Radio “I think stations should be in the hands of people who are excited about running them.” Like him. He says Connoisseur’s got the expertise and the capital and says if some operators aren’t excited about the business – “We’ll be happy to take those stations off their hands.” He says radio’s problem is that “people paid too much money, they’ve already cut promotions to nothing and they’ve cut people.” But he says it’s time to do great radio and “make the product interesting enough to be interesting to advertisers.” He admits that radio’s no longer a “double-digit business.” But at reasonable station-buying levels it’s still exciting (his favorite word). And for the brokers out there – Jeff’s phone number in Westport is 203-227-1978. Are there more Jeff Warshaws out there?

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