Charles G. Lelievre

“Broadcast Technology is at the core of what we do at Connoisseur. We strive not for the bleeding edge, but for proven, bulletproof systems to bring our listeners and clients the very best products on a variety of platforms. Our broadcast engineering teams strive for continuous improvement, keeping pace with new technologies, and work tirelessly to keep our delivery systems on line 24/7 365.”

About Charles

Chief Technology Director, Charles Lelievre has worked with Jeff Warshaw and Mike Driscoll since 2002. Charles is responsible for all of Connoisseur’s facilities, delivery platforms, and information technology infrastructure. Charles’ diverse skill set has been used to grow the company from inception to our current portfolio of properties. Prior to Connoisseur, Charles ran the gamut from Wall Street as a web developer and creative director, technology sector consulting, to product development in telematics and global positioning systems. Charles attended New York University’s School of Advanced Technology and Fairfield University in Connecticut.