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Google Local Services ads (LSA)

By Doug Gunsolley   Google is constantly experimenting with their search engine results pages and evolving their placement of paid ads, maps, and organic listings.  If you’ve tried searching for a local garage door repair, plumber, locksmith or other home service on Google recently, you may have noticed (depending on your location) a new Local...
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Is one digital strategy enough?


By: Robin Faller

Advertisers assume that isolating revenue generation from various Digital Marketing strategies is the best way to evaluate performance (PPC vs. Social Ads vs. SEO).   On top of that, they may segment new customer revenue against expense for a specific channel.

The truth is, the consumer...

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Power UP your SEM to Drive Qualified Leads

By Nancie Lyons

Why Market Your Business?

When you choose to market your business, it is because you are looking to promote your products or services. The reason behind marketing is to get your brand message delivered to as many people as possible that might have in interest in your products and/or services.  

The Role of Search...

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Imagery – The Power of Photos and Video in Advertising

By Moss Jacobson   Visual recognition takes time to develop in newborn humans; in fact, some research says that it can take upward of 2 months for a baby to fully distinguish people’s faces. Humans maturation of sensory perception from mere detection of large contrasts between light and dark to full awareness of all the colors,...
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Red Wolf Broadcasting to Acquire Hartford Stations

Connoisseur Media announced that we have entered into a Local Programming and Marketing Agreement (LMA) with Red Wolf Broadcasting to manage our Hartford stations and our New Haven translator 102.3. There are no programming changes, other than “Mod 102.3” becoming a simulcast of Bomba 102.3. Additionally, Connoisseur Media has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with...
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SEO vs. SEM: Which is better for your business?

By Doug Gunsolley   This question gets asked quite often in the digital marketing world: What is the difference between SEO and SEM and which tactic is right for my business? Let’s start with the basics: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of internet marketing that often utilizes keywords and individual bids, to show custom ads...
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Programmatic Display

By Jackie Magnusson  

What is programmatic display and how can it benefit your business?

You may have been hearing a lot about a hot new online advertising opportunity called programmatic display, but what exactly is it and how might it benefit your business? A display ad is an ad that can be served on a website or...
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Tech-Giant-Amazon and Traditional Radio Advertising

By Moss Jacobson   In light of the recent speculation that Amazon may acquire Target in 2018 ( ) and with many confused over why the online mammoth is steering towards brick and mortar infrastructure, Amazon’s use of traditional advertising, (specifically Radio), should also be noted. Of course, in the waning days of 2017, Amazon...
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The Mobile First Index + Your Website

By Robin Faller   Google continues to cautiously roll out its Mobile First Index. Your website’s rank will be based on your mobile version, not your desktop version.  

How will the Mobile First Index work?

Google will be crawling your site based on your mobile view. The content and page speed of your mobile site will factor into...
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